Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday is June 21, 2020!

Youth Sunday gives us all an opportunity to celebrate our amazing young people: their leadership, and their gifts. It is also a special moment to focus on the unique ways that retreat and camp ministries are empowering and forming this generation of leaders in the church.

There are now 11 programs (13 separate events) with 590+ kids participating each year, representing 43 faith communities from across the state. There are a huge variety of program options for kids these days:

  • Entry-level exploratory camps for young children and families (EKID, EFAM, ECAD)
  • Week long adventure camp for middle and high schoolers (EYQC)
  • Week long music camp for elementary, middle and high schoolers (EYMC)
  • Service trips for middle and high schoolers (Rosebud, Ma Wa Disi Da, SINC)
  • Retreats for high schoolers (Peer Ministry Training, MN TEC)
  • Retreats for middle schoolers (Pre-TEC)

It has been our practice so far to not say not to a scholarship request. Every kid who checks the box saying they need financial assistance gets it – no other questions asks. To date our statistics show that 1 in 5 kids asks for support (either 1/3, 2/3, or full scholarships). And this matches what statistics say is the normative need across summer camps in the United States. This means this fund is really for every kid in every faith community across ECMN, and that the need we are seeing makes sense. Our efforts to build up the endowed Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarships is so that we can keep saying yes as participation and need continues to grow. Click here to donate today!

Ideas for what to include in your Youth Sunday Service

  • Invite a young person to tell their faith story, or talk about their retreat or camp experience during announcements
  • Take a special offering for the Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund to help even more youth access camp and retreat experiences. 
  • Play this video, which helps capture how youth are growing and transforming throughout Minnesota.
  • Email your young person’s story and an invitation to donate to your whole congregation!

Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund

An anonymous donor has seeded an endowed fund, The Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund, to make sure any kid or youth who wants to participate in camps and retreats gets to. We need to raise $160,000 in the next 12 months to make this happen. Spread the word at your faith community and to your networks.  Below, find some resources that help tell the story and get people engaged.

Printable Flyer

Donate Now! Share this link to invite donations:

Video Link:

ECMN Bishop Brian N. Prior Scholarship Fund – Official Resolution

Youth Testimonies: Scroll to the bottom of this About Us page

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