MN TEC: Grades 9-12

FALL & SPRING 2020: We have a cool online and outdoor style retreat called “TEC in MN” that you should register for!

SCHOLARSHIPS: Available upon request during registration.

NEXT FULL RETREAT: Our next full three-day MN TEC retreat will not occur until it is safe to do so after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

What is TEC?

Teens Encounter Christ
TEC is an overnight retreat that empowers teens to integrate the joys, struggles, and epiphanies of their daily lives with the mystery of our shared Christian Faith.

Youth who go to TEC say that the TEC community is why they come back. For many it also becomes a foundational reason to go to Church beyond high school. One of our young people recently said it this way: “TEC helped me understand that my whole life is a part of God’s story. God is in every high and every low. Everything I experience matters, and every moment is a chance to share Agape love with others.”

During your 48 hours at TEC you will journey through Holy Week with personal stories, dramas, delicious meals, music, and a few fantastic, encouraging surprises. Everyone is invited to journey at their own pace, with their own questions, making relevant connections to their daily lives. Each weekend is a new experience with new friends as we all share God’s rich, unconditional Agape love with one another.

Each TEC retreat is run by a team of 40-60 youth who have been through TEC before. Around 20-30 adult volunteers are onsite to assist this inspiring team. ECMNs Youth Commission meets throughout the year as the decision-making body for all TEC plans. The Bishop’s Team of Missioners assists TEC with logistics, registration, Safe Church oversight, and other administrative details.

First time attendees are referred to as “candidates.” The youth who return to join the TEC Team have a mantra: “TEC is about the Candidates.” One of the very first welcoming messages Candidates hear is: “This weekend is for you. We hope that you are able to not worry about one thing. Just relax. We are cooking your food, keeping the time, and making sure to have some fun. This weekend you get to focus on yourself, your life, and your questions. This is rare in our society, and it is why so many of us keep coming back to TEC.”

Here’s a look at the flow of a usual TEC retreat:

Friday: Candidate welcome, youth talks, free time, Holy Week drama

Saturday: Easter celebration, youth talks, free time, service project, off-site adventure

Sunday: Youth talks, TEC debrief, invitation to return on Team, closing service

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