Bishop’s Summit

At this gathering, Bishop Loya will be asking parents, caregivers and ministers to share – how’s your tool belt, and how’s your village?

Walking alongside young people as they navigate the complexities of life in the world has never been easy. But this year in particular, the complexities have grown exponentially. 

Now, many of us are facing a dual challenge: learning to interpret and act given these new challenges ourselves, and then seeking to help the young people in our lives interpret this world that they are inheriting.

The challenge is great, and we can’t do this alone. So come and chat back and forth with your new Bishop, as well as have breakout room conversations with other Episcopal parents in small groups with similar age kids.

December 6th will be a chance for all those supporting young people to gather for a summit. We need chances to share, to learn, and to find inspiration and encouragement from one another. We need to feel and know that we are in this together. We need to give and receive our collective wisdom. 

Many of us are feeling that we’ve pulled out all the tools in our tool belt, and that we’re isolated from the village that usually supports us alongside our young people.

At this meeting you will be able to:

  • Share your experience with others
  • Meet other Episcopal parents in small group breakout room conversations
  • Learn more about ECMN’s priorities and collaborative work to support youth
  • Learn about and give to the Youth Scholarship Fund which sustains our inclusive ministries with young people for the long haul

We are excited about growing this fund, and it is available to support your young people just by checking a box on any event registration.

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