TEC in MN: Grades 6-12

Our ECMN Youth Community is going on a virtual and outdoor pilgrimage for its TEC experience for this 2020-2021 school year!

This our first time hosting TEC in MN! Our middle school and high school retreat programs are joining forces for three amazing weekends full of online and outdoor gatherings, plus mailed surprises.

If you are brand new to the ECMN Youth Community, we are so glad you are here! Like all of our events, we want our all youth to feel welcomed and included, have a chance to make new friends around the state, and go on transformative adventures where they can deepen the connection between their faith and their real life.

Who is “TEC in MN” for? It’s for all of our ECMN Youth and their friends in Grades 6-12. Typically 25+ episcopal churches from all over Minnesota have youth that participate in our TEC retreats.

How will it be like MN TEC or Pre-TEC? “TEC in MN” will be a place where small groups and relationships will still be the core of our community experience. We will hear talks, play, and share surprises together — just in a social distant and safe way. All of these things will help us discover God’s rich, sweeping, unconditional love. We hope that the friendships you form, either online or outdoors, will be as rich and long lasting as ever.

When is it? It’s the weekends of November 22, February 7, May 2. The pilgrimages themselves will be on those Sunday afternoons. Online gatherings and mailed TEC boxes will happen beforehand.

What will we be doing? The Teens Encounter Christ is about finding light and life through community in fragmented places. What a great moment it is to connect this foundational story of our faith with the wider world and the work of reconciliation. We will pilgrimage online or on foot through our cities, woodlands, and lakes to important spiritual and cultural places. As we do this we will also make an interior journey through Good Friday into Easter and Pentecost. To prepare for all this there will be online gatherings plus mailed TEC boxes with surprises and reflections from their senior leaders. Each of these three weekends will capture one of these three major spiritual themes of the TEC experience through a ‘choose your own adventure’ style program.

How is this going to work? Youth opt into small groups with their same-age peers around the things that best suit them. They can choose a group that is an online only, outdoor only, or a hybrid of both. All groups will have a variety of activities and surprises to choose from on the weekends of November 22, February 7, and May 2. ***Note: Youth who are in Grades 10-12 and are returning to TEC will be placed on teams that will help lead one experience.

Here’s a few more notes about the outdoor piece. The three outdoor pilgrimage routes options will be short, socially distant, and in small groups per ECMN’s COVID-19 guidance for youth gatherings. They will happen on the Sunday afternoons listed above from about 2-7pm. November’s location will be central to the Twin Cities, February will be south of cities, and May will be north of the cities (within 60 minutes with busing – more info coming soon). The pilgrimage itself will also be available virtually during and after the event (in case you can’t make one of them).

Email sarah.b@episcopalmn.org with questions. Click here to Register for TEC in MN.

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