Youth Commission

Our Virtual Kick-Off event is Sunday, November 8 at 8pm.

The Youth Commission is intentionally gathering a bit later than usual this year in order to focus on two things. 

  1. ECMN’s Four Priorities. This year the Youth Commission will get to chat often with our new Bishop and engage the four new priorities for ECMN. These priorities were announced at ECMN’s convention in late September as: beloved community and the ongoing work of anti-racism, vitality, faithful innovation, and discipleship. 
  2. The ECMN Youth Community. The Youth Commission will also get to dream up and lead unique online and outdoor opportunities for their peers across the state safely during COVID-19. 


The ECMN Youth Commission was officially launched during convention in 2018. Click here to view the 2019-2020 Youth Commission Roster.

Over the past five years we have seen significant growth in collaborative youth programs across the state. The Youth Commission acts as an empowered group of young people to be the voices of their continued development. These students are the ones attending these events and building their own beloved communities within them.

So far, these youth have voiced and organized themselves around their own shared vision to build a statewide TEC retreat program (Teens Encounter Christ). In the spring they launched MN TEC #1 the weekend of April 13-15 at St. Mark’s Cathedral.


To invite all youth across ECMN into beloved community with one another, and to empower them for present and future leadership through gifts discernment and spiritual formation.


We want ECMN youth to be given as much leadership as possible at each of ECMN’s youth events. This involves the preplanning of these events and the onsite peer ministry.


Each faith community has the opportunity to nominate at least one young person (Grades 9-12) to the Youth Commission, which acts as a planning and decision-making body for all ECMN Youth Events in coordination with each event’s adult planning teams. The Youth Commission launches annually at ECMN Convention and continues working via monthly video calls. Four adults who serve in lay youth ministry across ECMN shepherd the commission, in partnership with the Missioner for Children, Youth, and Camp.


  • Be nominated by leadership at your faith community over the summer.
  • Attend the initial overnight at the ECMN Convention in September. Some exceptions possible with permission.
  • Attend more than half of the monthly video meetings from September to May.
  • Be an advocate for ECMN Youth Events with your peers at your local faith community. Advocate for your peers’ needs to ECMN.


  • Know your peers by name. Learn their stories. Support the work of God’s Spirit in their lives.
  • Give permission. Dream big. Invite others’ ideas and opinions. Build a diverse and beloved community.
  • Respect the seasons. Experiment, create, and fail. We are not after any concise goal. We are seeking to follow the Way of Jesus as his disciples.
  • Participate in the Church beyond Church. Seek to build connections between your faith community, ECMN, and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Pray and show up for one another. Pray for your fellow Youth Commission members. Participate in the ECMN youth events that you work together to plan. Pray and participate on Sunday mornings in your own faith community.

Contact: Maggie Nancarrow, ECMN’s Interim Missioner for Children, Youth, and Camp (

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